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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from iMacs and Macbooks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Commonly Experienced Mac Hard Drive Failures:

If you have recently switched on your Apple Mac and been greeted by a question mark on the screen then the chances are you are experiencing a problem with your Macs hard drive. If this is the case you may be able to execute a recovery using the Mac’s built in Recovery Mode (see your computer’s manual for how to do this depending on the model) but before you do consider that if you execute a recovery you will lose the data already on the disk. To this end we find that many Mac users approach us for help in recovering their data rather than lose it to a complete reformat which in itself might not cure the problem

Mac Booting Problems

Normally booting your Mac is simply a case of switching it on and allowing the machine to do the rest but problems can arise if the drive has become corrupted or the physical hardware within the drive has been damaged. You might wonder why the hardware that operates inside the hard drive can become damaged if the computer is never moved but the most important factor here are the moving parts inside the drive. These parts are very small and complex in their construction and over work can cause a reduction in the length of the life. Down time between sessions can go some way to increasing the life expectancy of your hard drive but problems can still arise. If your Apple Mac hard drive fails you may not be able to boot the operating system from the drive especially if the drive’s arm has stopped carrying the read/write head over the platters. If you are experiencing problems with the boot-up process contact us here at before embarking on any reinstallation

Mac Hard Drive PCB Queries:

Have you experienced a sudden dipping or brightening of lights around you whilst using your Apple Mac? If you have then you might well have had a power surge in your home or office. And if this happens there is a chance that the hard drive in your Apple Mac might well become unstable or damaged beyond repair as a result. It is recommended that any computer you use should be plugged into a power surge protector in order to reduce the risk of power overload however we are aware that not everyone does this and so as a consequence we find that at we are asked to retrieve data from hard drives that have had their PCBs damaged by the sudden introduction of an extremely high current.

Mac Firmware Issues:

Encoded onto the platters of your Mac’s drive or the PCB attached to the drive is what is known as firmware. Firmware is as important as any program you might run on your Mac at any given time and is there to ensure that the hard drive works well in relation to the other components it is attached to. Firmware is normally pretty stable but there are exceptions to the rule and as such you may find that your Mac fails to boot because of issues with corrupt or out-of-data firmware. Some models of Apple Mac that are based on Intel technology allow for the update of firmware but these models are few in number so the failure of firmware can lead to an inability to access the hard drive altogether. We at are experts in recovering information from Mac drives that have been plagued by firmware problems. Contact us for information on how we can help with any firmware issues you might have.

Mac Hard Drive Slow or Hanging Up:

Your Apple Mac’s OS should have a disk utility or management program built in that should alert you to any hard drive errors before they can take hold and cause too many major issues. However there are occasions when these programs for all their good intentions can miss potential threats to the stability of your hard drive or maybe aren’t quick enough to spot them. If you are using your computer with any great regularity then you should notice if the machine begins to operate slower than normal or takes longer to save information to the hard drive. These are among the most common symptoms of a potential degradation to your Mac drive so if you do experience these problems please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help with the possible repair of the drive and the definite recovery of your data.

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