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Mac Recovery


I needed to replace the hard drive on an Intel iMac, but the old internal hard drive had a lot of important data on, so I decided to take it to be repaired. I removed the hard drive, but when I took it to a repair shop, they said they would not be doing recovery on the hard drive, and instead gave it back to me. They told me that if I wanted the data, I should connect the hard drive to the iMac using a SATA cable. When I did this initially, I could read the data in Finder but when I tried to do a backup onto a USB drive, the process stopped, and the old drive just disappeared. I could not get it to start up again, but when I take the device off of the cable, I get an error saying ‘device removal error’. The hard drive is not making any clicking noises, and the data seemed to be intact when I looked at it.


I have an iMac which is experiencing problems after the house was hit by lightning. I lost a number of devices that night, including the TV, but I can still power on the iMac, and get a working screen. While the backlights are on the screen, there is only a limited display, so that I can’t see much. I have a large amount of data on the drive which I can’t afford to lose. I have removed the hard drive, which is a WD3200, and put it into an enclosure in order to try and keep it safe while I worked on the iMac. While I tried to power up, using the drive as the only OS, the power light will come on, but there are no other signs of life. I have looked to extract the data by using a friend’s Macbook, but while I can see the drive spinning in the enclosure, I can’t get any response from the computer itself.