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The Failings Of A Laptop Hard Drive:

Since the advent of the laptop they have revolutionised the way in which we use computers. We are now able to communicate with others on the move as well as produce important documents for work and watch our favourite films or listen to our favourite collections of music. But as the laptop has evolved and the technology has become more sophisticated so the number of problems that can arise has increased. As with internal hard drives in a desktop PC the hard drive in a laptop can suffer from problems that affect the moving parts. Likewise the software bridges that allow the drives to communicate with motherboard and other components can fail or become corrupt. If your hard drive fails for any reasons contact us here at and we will do our best to help diagnose the problem and will certainly be able to help recover your important data.

Laptop HDD Failure:

We all know the basics of how a car’s engine functions but many of us fail to appreciate the complicated nature of the moving components within a laptop hard drive. These components can be subject to more chances of failure than a desktop PC principally because the laptop’s primary function is be used on the move. And although every effort is made by the manufacturer to safeguard the integrity of these components it is impossible to guarantee that no knock or collision will cause a problem.

Laptop Hard Drive Electronics Breakdown:

If you have ever looked inside a television set or inside a computer itself you will have noticed the printed circuit board upon which many of the capacitors and chips required to make these devices function are housed. Between the myriad chips and capacitors and resistors is a spider’s web of solder (this is where the name printed circuit board originates). Along this solder signals are sent to the resistors and capacitors etc and these signals are then reconstructed as commands that the device interprets as a program in order to function correctly. This PCB is the main reason the hard drive in your laptop saves and allows you access to the data; without the drive would be nothing more than a piece of metal cabled to the motherboard. Problems with PCBs do occur because of damage caused physically or because larger than normal amounts of electricity are being passed through; this can happen if you substitute the laptop’s power supply for one used on another device or if you purchase a cheaper generic substitute

Laptop HDD Firmware Problems:

If you have recently sat down to watch a DVD or Blu-Ray then you will already be aware of firmware perhaps without knowing it. Firmware is the program built into the device that tells it to read the disk and what format of disk it should read. The same principle can be applied to the firmware contained within a laptop’s hard drive. The firmware determines how the data is read and written and also determines whether or not the drive is compatible with the motherboard it has been attached to. Problems can occur however if this program is corrupted – and just as programs you might install yourself are prone to corruption so too is the firmware of your hard drive. We at can help you recover your data from a hard drive that has suffered a failing because of a firmware issue.

Laptop Operating System & HDD Issues:

Nobody knows your laptop better than you do so if you notice that the laptop is running slower than usual then there may well be an issue with the laptop. Memory, CPU and hard drive problems are the most common reasons as to why a laptop will begin running slowly. But for the most part the hard drive will be the one device that will cause the laptop to run slowly whilst causing a risk to the integrity of your data. If you are suddenly presented with the ‘Blue Screen Of Death’ or are being notified by your laptop’s operating system that there is a problem with the hard drive then you should power down and seek professional advice. Contact us here at and we will do our best to diagnose the problem whilst ensuring the safe recovery of your data

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