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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from cameras. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Camera Media Recovery

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Critical Service £495

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Camera Memory Cards Faults:

Memory cards must rank among the top ten inventions when it comes to storing data in the last two decades but for their popularity they can still fail in the same way that an internal or external hard disk drive might. The main differences between hard drives and memory cards is that the memory cards are (a) easily transported and (b) their components are much smaller. This reduced size allows for the user to take his or her memory card with him wherever they go and even leave it in a host device such as a laptop, camera or smartphone. Memory cards are however much easier to damage than their hard drive counterparts and with this in mind it is important to remember that they can be bent, snapped in two, be submerged in liquids (hot or cold) or introduced to environments that a storage device might not otherwise be found. If you have a memory card that has been physically damaged contact us and enquire about how we can use up-to-the-minute technology to recover your data.

Physical Card Failure:

Besides snapping a memory card what else can happen to it? It might be exposed to children who, let’s be honest, are not always the most delicate when it comes to such devices. Without human intervention however memory cards can be physically damaged if dropped or if they are left inside a host device that suffers from an electrical failure or carries large bouts of magnetic energy. As a memory card is so thin so many of its internal components are either made up of soldered connections and/or tiny chips which themselves are susceptible to breakage or damage on impact.

Memory Card Electronics:

This type of failure is normally the result of a power surge or power spike. In most cases of electronic failure means that the circuit board has got damaged and as a result of this the memory chips on circuit board cannot be read. We have a high success rate with recovering data from cards with electronic failure.

Formatting or Deleting Data From Your Memory Card:

It is easily done. You try to move a file from one place to another and accidentally delete it or likewise format the card when you simply meant to move the contents. To this end some operating systems will allow you to perform an undelete command and restore the data whilst others – at the user’s instigation – will often simply delete the files without emptying them into the recycle bin. If you find that you have deleted or formatted a memory card by mistake then contact us immediately and we will be able to help you retrieve the data as long as you have not tried to copy any new data or reformat it again.

Memory Card Incompatibility With Your Computer’s Operating System:

You have just left your friends after taking a selection of pictures of a get together and want to print them but when you put the memory card into your card reader the operating system you use tells you it is in the incorrect format. This is something that happens to a lot of people and here at we are able to help you with this problem especially as it normally means having to recover the data before anything else can be done with the memory card. Once the data has been recovered using our sophisticated card reading software then – and only then – can the card be reformatted. Ask us for more details.

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