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Recovering Data from a Laptop


I have a problem with my G62 laptop from HP. What is happening is that I can start up the system, and it takes a very long time to get onto the starting up page. It will hang there for maybe 15 minutes, and then will move onto the BIOS page. There, it will hang frozen for another 15-25 minutes before it gets any further into booting up. I have to wait all this time, and then it offers me two options, which is recovery mode, and safe mode. There is no Windows Loading screen, and most of the time it is not booting into Windows directly. On the few occasions where I have got into Windows at all, the system crashes. I have a lot of data on the system which I want to keep, and I am not able to back it.


I have a very old Emachines Laptop, model E250 I think, which has been working well until about a year ago. I could not get it to go any further than the system recovery window. I tried to run a system restore, which was not successful, and I have also tried a simple recovery which won’t overwrite my hard drive. The main problem is that the system restore function does not seem to be working. I tried to put the commands in manually, and there was no response. I have also tried to get it to reboot, again using manual commands, but again there is no response. I know that the machine is old, but I have been using it successfully for some time, and there has been no problem with it. I really need to get the data off of it, because it contains important tax and medical care information that I would not be able to get hold of again without difficulty.