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Maxtor Data Recovery Questions from Clients

Maxtor OneTouch III 750 GB, External, 7200, Firewire 800/400 Hard Drive
I bought a new Maxtor external HDD last month. I purchased the Maxtor OneTouch III 750 GB, External, 7200, Firewire 800/400 Hard Drive and after using it for some time, I noticed that its space gets filled up even if I don’t put much data in it. Suddenly, it makes a loud whirring noise that stops and starts at certain period of time. Now, I can no longer access it on my computer since it hasn’t been detected even after trying to connect and reconnect it a lot of times. The HDD is not seen even by the disk manager though it is plugged in and the green light is on. I tried connecting it using a different cable just to know that the connection isn’t the problem.

Maxtor OneTouch II External Hard Drive
Please help me with this. I have a Maxtor OneTouch II External Hard Drive, a personal storage I use for over a year now and it has been working fine until recently. I am using Microsoft Windows 7 on my computer and recently I installed all the upgrades recommended by Windows. Then I used my computer to access my hard drive. The storage device had its solid green light on and I can also see it on My Computer. In the taskbar, the drive is also there and when I click it, it shows the safely remove hardware icon. Problem is, when I click on the hard drive on My Computer, I get a “D:\ is not accessible” error. It also says that device is not connected though I am 100% sure that it is physically connected. I tried running scan disk, registry booster (Uniblue) and Sea tools but all showed no leading results to solve the problem.