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Camera Data Recovery


I am having a lot of problems with a camera memory card, which is no longer able to be read on the computer. The camera went through a period when it would save all of the pictures to an internal memory, rather than to the card, and I thought that I had fixed this, but now the computer is refusing to copy photos from the card onto the desktop. When I try to look at the card on the computer, it says that there is a problem with the card, that it is unreadable, and then asks me if I want to format it. I had already formatted it prior to using it to take photographs, so it should be compatible with the computer. When I have the card in a card reader, the scan takes a long time, and then this error appears. Because the computer is saying that the system is unreadable, I am not able to view any of the files or folders, and in fact I can’t even see the icon in System Management. I just want to get the pictures off of the card.


I have a Sandisk memory card which I was using to download pictures onto the iPhoto files on my Mac, and have deleted them from the card. These are professional photographs which need to be recovered, or I will be seriously out of pocket. The delete happened when I was doing the downloads by connecting the camera to the Mac, and as usual a number of questions appeared. I usually click through these without problems, but yesterday, I accidentally pressed ‘delete’ while running through these options. I wasn’t concentrating, so when the Delete question popped up I just clicked yes without properly reading the question. I tried to stop the system deleting it, but the card was wiped, and all of the photographs were deleted. I did not format the card, so the photos will be the last things on that card, but I need to be able to get the pictures back from the memory card.