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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Verbatim USB Flash Drive 4GB
I have a Verbatim USB Flash Drive with 4 GB capacity that for some reason is stuck on RAW file format. I tried running three different recovery software and all of them have failed. I also tried formatting it on the computer’s built-in software and I tried changing its format in DISKPART, but that didn’t work too. I tried to change it on Disk Management but it still did not have an effect on it. I tried plugging it on a different computer and formatting it there, it still on RAW. When I checked it on EaseUS Recovery it comes up as Disk 2, Basic MBR. Then, it says that the file system is RAW (unallocated) with the following details — Capacity: 3.73GB, Used: 0 bytes, Free Space: 3.73GB, Status: None, File Type: Logical.

Sony 16GB Micro Vault
I have a Sony 16GB Micro Vault flash drive and I use it for school to make backup copies of lectures etc. It has been working perfectly and I was happy about it because it was a handy way to bring lecture stuff. I got the Sony 16GB Micro Vault because I trust the brand and almost all my devices are from it. One day, I loaned the flash drive to a friend because he was badly needed one quickly at the moment. When he returned it, it was still working fine though it is connecting quite slower. When I plugged it on my laptop, it gets busy for a while before it loads the contents. After several days, the flash drive can no longer be detected on my computer. It shows a “Please insert disk” error whenever I plug it. I tried it on a different computer but it still behaved that way. I can see the flash drive on Disk Management and Device Manager. I decided to update drivers in case that’s the problem but I didn’t solve it.