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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I need some help with a SuperMicro SuperServer which has 4 hard drives in a Raid 5 array. I have saved data onto the drives, but recently I decided to install a new Windows OS on the computer. I did this, but it appears that the hard drives inside the array are not recognised by the server, and they are no longer visible inside the BIOS screen. This is a problem because I have data on the drive which I need to recover, and I don’t have backups of this data anywhere else. I tried to install Windows again, and it did so to a certain point, and then put up an error message saying that there was a missing bootup file. This is the file which should have been on the hard drives, along with my data. I don’t know how I can recover my data from the drive when the BIOS can’t see the array.


I have an HP ProLiant 3670 set up as a server with a RAID 5 array connected to it. The array has 6 drives, one of which I have been using for the boot and OS systems, and the other 5 in the RAID 5 formation. At the moment, the problem is that the server will not boot up to the computer. Since the server has refused to boot, there have been red lights on the front of the array, and there is also a report in the computer that the final drive in the Raid 5 configuration has failed a self-test, and needs to be replaced. Despite this report naming just one drive as the problem, I can see that there are plenty more drives in the array which are not working. The server keeps reporting that there is no boot disk available, which would be one of the drives showing a red light. There is a lot of data on the servers which I need to recover before the drives can be replaced under warranty.