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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I am using an HP DL server which is running a Windows 2007 server operating system. I also have 3 hard drives which I want to be able to use as a mirror in RAID 1, with the other as a stand-by in Raid 0. I can see all of the drives, which contain a lot of data which I really do want to keep on BIOS, but when I go into either My Computer or Device Manager, all I can see is a single disk ‘Disk 0’ which does not have enough space to be making up all three drives. I don’t know how the system has managed to combine the three drives like this, so that they are all under one title, but the only data on this drive is a few small files, when I should have around 150 folders containing lots of data including Word, Excel and graphics. Even if I take out one of the drives from the HP, the system still shows this Drive 0 as being the only drive available.


I have discovered a problem with one of my hard drives which have been placed in a Synology DiskStation with a Raid 1 array. I have tried to install a new set of data into one of the drives, and found that another of the drives was not available for use. I opened up the Drive Manager for this array, and found that the drive which should contain most of my data appears to have fallen out of the array. I have tried to find out which one it is by plugging the drives in and out of the DiskStation. It seems as though the computer is now seeing all of the drives as a single e: drive unit, and cannot separate them. I know that this is not going to be any good if I try data recovery, so I attempted to recover the drives by using a data recovery program. As the computer could not see two drives, this has not worked. The drive which is missing is supposed to contain the most data, and drive e: is supposed to be the mirror, but the ‘one drive’ which is shown does not contain this information.