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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I have been having problems with a QNAP TS419 server connected to a RAID 0 array. This server has been in use for the last 18 months, and I have saved some data to it which I need to recover. The problem is that the server is being reported as having a system file failure. The computer says that some of the files in the drive had become corrupt. I can boot up the drives when they are out of the array, but I still can’t see any data on them. Placed together in the array, they produce this system file error. I assume that the error, plus the fact that I can’t find the files which should be on the drives, means that there is some sector corruption.


I have been using a QNAP server with a RAID 0 array connected to it. This has been in use for several months now, and I have saved a considerable amount of work to it. The problems started when I found that one of the disks appeared disconnected from the array when viewed through Device Manager. I was using the computer at the time, so simply reconnected it, and then carried on using the computer and saving data. However, since I turned off the computer after that event, I have not been able to view the array through the server. There is a message which says that I have to format one of the drives, or that the array itself is not initialised.