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RAID Server Repair


I have a Windows server array which has a RAID configuration on series of hard drives. I usually leave this running at home while I go to work with no problem, but yesterday I got home to find that the operating system had frozen up. This happens from time to time, so I just restarted the computer. The computer then displayed the BSOD, the blue screen displaying error messages, and this now happens each time the computer tries to load Windows. It became clear that the problem is in the server, not in the computer itself, and that the system can’t access the drive which holds the Windows OS. I have tested the individual drives in BIOS, and can see that one is not working as it is displaying RAW as its configuration. I ran a few recovery programs designed to help me get the data back, but without success. I can’t view the data on the drives, either when I have the drives unplugged and used individually, or when I try to use BIOS to view them.


I am using an Ubuntu server running a Raid array with 3 hard drives, which recently suffered a power failure. When I went to view the Raid array, the computer showed that at least one of the drives has been sending odd messages to the server for some time, without me realising. I am now not able to view the drive sending these messages as it has failed. I extracted the failed drive and put it onto a SATA cable, hoping to view the data in order to recover the data on the drive, but the computer says that there is 0GB of files. I know that previously there were a lot of data files on the array, and at least some on this drive, so I tried to check it again. This time it was seen by BIOS, but not by LINUX, which meant that I could not see the data. I connected the drive to my Windows XP, which can see the drive folder, but it is labelled as an ‘unknown file’.