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Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs


I have discovered a strange, hidden, partition on my Packard Bell iMedia. I found this while I was trying to resolve a sudden loss of computer memory, which had dipped sharply in the week before I made this discovery. I looked at the partition, and at first thought it was the recovery partition, but when I looked onto the CMD interface, I found that the computer had this new partition. It is not the recovery partition, and in fact there is another partition with the recovery data on it. I want to be able to remove this partition, but I can see that some of the data which I use for work has ended up inside this new partition. I can see it when I look on My Computer, and see the data on it, but the computer is not allowing me to access the files, as it says the destination is not recognised. I want to be able to recover this data.


I have a Packard Bell OneTwo computer which I use virtually every day. I tried to use it yesterday by switching on in the usual manner, but found that it will not connect to my home page OS (I am using Windows 8). It worked fine before yesterday, with no errors or crashes, but now there seems to be a problem. I have rebooted it a couple of times, and found that, even if I could get into the home page (once or twice out of 20 goes), I am not able to access any of the folders of files on the computer. I can’t use any of the programs, including Word and Excel. When I click on these, or on any of the files, the computer gives me an error saying that ‘Windows cannot access the specific drive or file’. It suggests that I need permission to access these files. I have tried everything, but nothing works.