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Retrieve Data From A Lenovo Desktop PC


I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre H320 which is currently not allowing the monitor to exit power saving mode. The computer will come on as normal, but the monitor remains on the amber light, and won’t show a display. I have tried another monitor, but all I get from this is a sign saying that there is no signal. These problems began after an upgrade to the McAfee antivirus system, when it crashed during an upload. I can’t even get to the Welcome page which shows the Lenovo icon. I have tried to use a software designed to fix this problem, but the computer is not responding. I don’t know what I should do next, but I am really concerned that the crash could have wiped out some of the data on the hard drive. I need some professional data recovery assistance in recovering all the data that might have been lost.

LENOVO 3000 K100:

I have an older Lenovo 3000 K100 which is still using Windows Vista. I have recently been having problems logging on to a system. When I turn on the computer, there is a series of short beeps, which last for as long as I keep my finger on the power button. When I take my finger off of the button, the power light stays on, but the fans are not working on the inside, and I can’t see a light from the motherboard when I look at the side of the tower. When the monitor reports that there is no signal, there is nothing happening on the computer, with no fans going and no hard drive spinning around. Everything seems to be out for the count apart from the light at the front. I think that the beeps possibly mean that there has been a motherboard failure. I hope this is the case, because I need to recover data from the hard drive, and I hope that it is not damaged. I really have to get some documents off of the drive.