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Recover The Data From Your HP Desktop PC


I wanted to put a new hard drive into my HP Pavilion A800N, so I asked a local computer company if they would do the process for me. They are a country-wide ‘name’ company, so I expected that they would do as I wanted, and put data from the old hard drive onto the new one so that I could run the computer in the same way. However, when I received the Pavilion back, I noticed that it wouldn’t load into Windows, and I then saw that they had included my old hard drive in the package, stuck to the bottom of the laptop. It is clear to me that they have not downloaded the data, or the OS, from my old hard drive, and the new drive doesn’t have an operating system to run. I have asked them again to help me, but they deny any problem with the hard drive. I don’t want to argue with them anymore, but I do want my old data on the new hard drive.


I am hoping that someone will be able to help me with a Pavilion a800n from HP. The computer simply won’t boot up, despite my attempts. When I press the start button, I can hear the fans running, and the lights are showing at the front of the computer, but there is nothing on the monitor. I have replaced the monitor, so that is not the problem, and I have tried to get it to start up by pressing and holding the power button. I have replaced the graphics cards, taken out the CMOS battery and put it back in again, and reset passwords. I have done everything that I could think of, but there is still no response. As there is nothing coming from the computer, I am turning my attentions to the data which is kept on several folders in my desktop. Some of this data is several years old now, and of great significance to me. Other pieces of data are wedding photographs. I also have some software programs and other computer data that I want to keep.