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The Best Way To Deal With Recovering Data From A Gateway Desktop PC


I have a very old Gateway 500GR. This has suddenly lost the hard drive, so that I can’t see it in BIOS, and I can’t get into the operating system. When I try to run the operating system, I get a message saying that the drives are corrupt, and asking me to use the restore drives to recover Windows. I do have a recovery disk, along with the installation disks for Windows, but I am a little bit worried about doing this recovery when I have data on the drive that I still want. I am taking a college course, and some of the data that I need for the course is on the hard drive, and I don’t want to lose that. There are essays, research and plans for a dissertation that I really want to keep. I need to be able to recover this data from the hard drive.


I am having trouble with a Gateway 500, which has suddenly stopped booting up. Each time I turn it on, the power light comes on, and the fans at the back of the tower start. I can see the light coming from the motherboard too. However, the problem is that the computer won’t go into the POST screen, or into BIOS. The computer puts up a message which says ‘system halted’, which does not tell me anything, and then it shuts down again. This has started to happen after a sudden crash when I was working. I have tried using the F keys to go into BIOS, but it says Boot Failure Exiting Intel PXE. I have tried doing all of the practical things that I can, including changing the power cable, holding onto the start button, and then plugging back in. Nothing seems to work, and I don’t know what else I can do.