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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I have a Windows Vista OS which I want to separate into two partitions in order to provide my other half with their own computer desktop. I created the partition without any problem, and the computer said that it had finished the process, and would have to reboot. I allowed it to do this, but when it started back up, there appeared an error message saying that it could not find an operating system. This error is preventing me from getting into any part of the system. I decided that I had to remove the hard drive, and check that the files were still intact. They don’t seem to be there, and I have had a recovery program scan virtually all of the system. I don’t know where the files are that were on the drive before I created the partition. I didn’t realise that the program I used could overwrite files, otherwise I would have moved them onto a flash drive. Instead, I haven’t even backed up the majority of them.


I have an older Windows XP operating system which appears to have stopped working. The background to this is that I went to a gaming festival, and shared a LAN with other people. Files were swapped, and there were games which were played across computers. I was playing such a game, and was told it might cause my system to lag. Eventually, this happened, and so I was forced to quit the game. The computer then froze up, and I had to restart. I brought the compute home, and connected it to the network, and found that it was still running slowly, and there are hundreds of files in my system. I can’t find my data, because of the large number of stranger files which have appeared. I want to delete them, but I also don’t want to lose the data which I had on there, because some of that is quite important to me.