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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I have a slight problem with a Compaq Evo Desktop which has stopped working correctly and won’t boot up. There is nothing else to indicate that there is a problem apart from the HD light at the front of my computer blinking very rapidly indeed. I have tried to resolve matters by switching off things which were not essential, such as external hard drives, printers, etc. This has not helped in any way. I also changed the power cable, because I thought that this might be the problem, but again that is not it.


I am having problems with a Compaq Evo, which has been working well until recently. Suddenly, it is flashing a red light at me when I turn on. Sometimes this light disappears as soon as it gets into BIOS, but most of the time that red light means that it won’t even start. Instead, the red power light shows for a few seconds, and then the computer shuts down. It is not rebooting, as it doesn’t start, it just is not really starting at all. If it was not for that red light, I would think that it wasn’t actually turning on. None of the fans start working, and the hard drive isn’t spinning. No lights appear on the keyboard, and the monitor says ‘No signal’ and then goes into power-saving mode (the light changes from blue to amber). I assume that means that there is some problem with the initial sequence of the start up. I thought perhaps I was holding the power light on for too short a time, but if I hold it for longer, it doesn’t start up, it just stops, there is no response.