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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


The laptop has recently been fixed by a computer repair company. The motherboard needed to be replaced, and it took a long time, several days in fact. I finally got it back, and turned it on, using it for about half an hour. Suddenly, the screen went black, and then the power button started flashing. The button seems to fade in and out of full brightness, if that helps. I have tried to restart it, but there is nothing. The fans don’t power up, the hard drive doesn’t spin around. I took it back to computer repair company and they have said the hard drive has failed and that I needed to see a Data Recovery Company to get the data recovered from the hard drive.


I am only getting as far as the Vaio page, and then nothing. I mean there is really nothing, not only is the machine not starting, and I have tried to get into the BIOS menu using the F keys, including ESC, but nothing happens, but also there is no running of fans, or whirring of the hard drive. I can see the hard drive light is on, but the drive itself is not moving. In addition, I can only see the power light and the hard drive light on, none of the other system lights, which usually come on as a laptop boots up, have turned on.