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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


I have a Macbook Pro MB766LL which is not working. It won’t turn on at all, despite my attempts. When I press the power button the light comes on, and there is a brief pause, and then the light shuts down again. There is no sound of fans or of the hard drive spinning, and it is as though the computer were dead. If it was not for the fact that the power light stays on for a brief period, I would have thought that it must be a power cable problem. I have bought a new cable, just in case, and fitted it with a new surge protector, again just in case this was the problem, but in fact it is still not turning on, and there has been no change.


I have recently purchased a Macbook Pro laptop computer. The system itself is working fine, but I have a problem with an external hard drive which was previously connected to another Macintosh product. The external hard drive is connected to a Mybook format, which is now several years old. I thought that since the two products were from the same maker, that the new laptop would be able to get some of the data off of the hard drive. It has done nothing, the Mybook, except sit in a cupboard. I checked it out for dust, but as it was the box it seemed ok. I can’t see any reason why the Macbook Pro won’t recognise the hard drive. Perhaps the age of the drive has caused it to fail?