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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


I am having some problems with a Fujitsu Amilo LI2727 notebook laptop. The problem is that files from My desktop have disappeared and I cannot find them anywhere. I thought they might be in recycle bin but they are not. I have taken laptop to a local computer shop who ran scans against the laptop but cannot rescue the data for me.


I have a problem with a Fujitsu Lifebook S6120 laptop. The problem is that I have accidentally damaged the power socket at the back of the laptop. The socket block has almost completely come away from the machine, and of course the laptop is not getting any kind of power at all. I decided to replace the socket, after all it was not very expensive, and so I removed the old one, and fitted in the new one that I had bought. I plugged in the power supply, and there was a strange smell of rubber. I pulled the plug, and smelled around the socket, but could not detect anything. I plugged it in again, powered up the laptop, and was told that there was an error. I got a big blue screen right at the start, even before the Lifebook logo, and then nothing else. The power is coming on, but the fan is not spinning around, and the hard drive is not turning. I have some data on the laptop that I need recovered.