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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop

ACER 5741G

I use a Acer 5741G laptop. I am getting an error message which says Windows Recovery Error. Windows failed to start. The message then lists possible problems, including a potential hardware change, as the cause of the failure. I have tried to boot up the system using the boot disc, and have also altered the Bios to make the disk priority. However, when it starts to load the CD, it gets to a certain point, and then it gets the Blue Screen of Death, with lots of 0x0000 messages. Then, it goes back to the login screen where I started the boot from.


My Acer Aspire 5542 laptop has suddenly started reporting problems to me at the boot up screen. It won’t go into Windows, and it gets stuck at a certain installation .sys, and then requires that I start running a repair program in order to continue booting up. I do this repair program, which is part of BIOS I think, and then I get nothing, just go back to a BIOS menu. I tried to run the recovery disk which came with the laptop, and it said that it had repaired a lot of problems, including many with the hard drive. However, the laptop is still sticking when it does boot up, and will not go into Windows. I need to be able to get some of the data backed up from the hard drive.