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WD Data Recovery Questions from Clients

Western Digital 3.5 inch 1TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive
I am currently experiencing a problem with my Western Digital Desktop SATA Hard Drive. Sometimes while I’m playing games on my desktop computer, the hard drive seems to freeze. When I browse websites on my computer, the hard drive eventually freezes as well. I’ve also noticed that the same thing happens when I search for important information online or when I’m downloading multiple files at high speed. The HD LED lights up and then goes out after a few seconds. I have taken a few steps to try and fix this issue, though. I have defragmented my HD, just to scan for bad sectors, and found nothing wrong about the storage capacity. The problem has just got worse, the HDD is now not getting recognised and is making a loud clicking noise.

WD Scorpio Blue Hard Drive
I have an old Western Digital Scorpio Blue hard drive that contains important files that I want to transfer to my new hard drive. I’ve been trying to retrieve these files for some time now, since the old pictures and music are important, but for some reason my new laptop doesn’t detect the hard drive. My laptop is running on Windows 7. So far all I have done is to connect the hard drive to my computer with the help of an external USB mount. I looked for the device to appear connected to my computer, but it just would not appear anywhere, even on the Disk Manager.