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Seagate Data Recovery Questions from Clients

Using a Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5-inch 7200RPM SATA drive in my music computer at home in my music studio. It has been working well until the last few days when there seems to have been a long continuous droning sound coming from it. I did the usual and checked the desktop tower wasn’t jammed against something or sitting askew. Then I asked the family if anyone had been messing with my computer and the answer came back no. The drone continued to get worse until last night when I tried to save a document – or a piece of music rather – that I had created in a third party DAW. To cut a long story short I lost the track I was working on because the drive refused to save it and I had nowhere else to store it and now I’m worried that the drive itself is failing. I’ve tried attached a USB 2.0 DVD drive to the computer to pull the samples and what have you off the drive but it is displaying a read error, rebooting and asking me to run chkdsk. I’m running Windows XP Professional, which is great for music. I’ve got about 40GB worth of royalty free samples to lose if I don’t get something sorted. Help?

I’ve been using a network assisted storage setup for my home office and one of the drives in that setup is the Seagate ST2000VN000 2TB SATA that runs at 5900RPM. It developed a slight fault a few weeks ago when the power in the area went out and the whole thing came to an unplanned stop. I had no chance to shut anything down so I believe the drives just suddenly stopped spinning. I’m running a RAID setup and as a result the other drives have taken over the duties of reading and writing files to and from the other machines attached to the NAS but the Seagate drive is doing nothing and my company accounts are on there. I tried installing the drive as a slave on a computer that had the accounts software on it but it won’t read and indeed I’m lucky if I can get the BIOS to recognize it. What should I do? I’ve got a VAT Reclaim inspection in a couple of weeks and I need that data. The only thing I can tell you for definite is that after the power went out and I got things going again the drive itself started making a weird noise as though it had a ball inside it rattling around.