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Samsung Data Recovery Questions from Clients

Samsung 2TB M3 Slimline Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive Black
I have a Samsung 2TB M3 Slimline Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive Black. I connect this hard drive to an old machine, specifically an ASUS computer with an a8n-e motherboard. Drive was connecting without any problems until one day the Samsung drive would not connect. I thought at first it was a problem with the USB port on the motherboard but this was not the case. Now there is a buzzing noise coming from the Samsung disk.

Samsung 2TB Internal Hard Drive
I created a gaming rig with a 500GB SSD and a Samsung 2TB internal HDD. The 500GB SSD is my boot drive where I have installed many games that I play/decide to play with in the future. When I am on Windows, it doesn’t show my 2TB hard drive. All I see is Drive C:, which is the SSD, and my optical drive. This may be a common problem but this is not all to it. When I open the Intel Rapid Storage tool, I can see that my SSD only has 476GB capacity although it really is 500GB. There seems to be a system reserved space of 100MB and a Disk 1 at the bottom with size of 1863GB, which I believe is the 2TB hard drive. I looked at the Disk Management tool and it showed similar results. I don’t know where my data has gone, please help!