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IBM Data Recovery Questions from Clients

IBM Ultrastar 36Z15 HDD
I purchased an IBM Ultrastar 36Z15 HDD with these specifications – SCSI, 15K, 40GB. I installed the hard drive without any problems and setup Windows server on the disk. These HDD’s tend to run very hot so I purchased a hard drive cooler that provided ample amount of cooling with very little noise. HDD ran for 5 months and then started to slow down. It got so slow that we decided to change the hard drive. We tried to copy off all data on the hard drive but it will only copy a few percent of the data and then freeze the system. I have removed drive and connected it internally to another computer but also freezes system when I try to copy the data from it.

IBM ThinkPad T42p Hard Drive
I have an IBM ThinkPad T42p Hard Drive that has a dual boot capability, one with Windows XP and another with Windows 2K. The laptop comes with a recovery partition for Windows XP though it doesn’t come with the right drivers associated with it. It is a FAT partition. I can boot into Windows 2000 but not Windows XP Partition. I have tried to access the Windows XP partition from Windows 2000 but it is showing as blank.