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Hitachi Data Recovery Questions from Clients

Hitachi Travelstar 5K1500 1.5TB
I have a Travelstar 5K1500 from HGST/Hitachi attached to my Mac and I have it partitioned into 3 separate drives. The previous 1TB drive before it fried so I don’t know if there could be some residual problems that are making its way to this problem. All other aspects of the computer seem to be perfectly fine. When it seemed perfectly installed, I would begin moving files and installing programs when all of a sudden, all three drives would just disconnect, die and abandon all operations. So far, I have done the following things to alleviate some of the symptoms but to no avail: reboot (several times), reinstall windows, reinstall hardware, reformat hard drive, remove partition from hard drive. So far, nothing has been working.

HGST Travelstar 7K1000
Seems like a pretty standard installation when I had this guy. Seems like a normal hard drive at the time, with a fine buzzing in the background but not enough to alarm you. It also seems quite adequate in terms of the speed of data storage with other drives and within itself. It was pretty Ok from the get-go until a couple of months ago. Access to files seem to lag incredibly, despite having upgraded from a 5400rpm hard drive, this one is considerably slower and sometimes would just drop operations altogether. Now I cannot access the files at all, just shows the folders, when I click onto the folders it displays that the folder is empty.