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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


I have recently bought a Synology DiskStation 411slim. This device was bought as one of a series of devices which would be used to save data in our office. I have had no joy with this system since I bought it, although I have been able to operate all of the other devices successfully. The problem with the DiskStation is that I cannot upload the software needed to save the files. I have tried to upload the data from the disk, but it says that the information is ‘possibly corrupt’ and will not go any further. As I have not been able to start the DiskStation because I cannot get the installation software running, I am not able to check the drive and see whether there is any corruption. I have also tried to download the software from the internet. It installed itself on the computer initially, but when I tried to run it, the DiskStation again reported that the drive was ‘possibly corrupt’.


I purchased a Synology DiskStation 411 6 months ago, but now the system has gone offline and I am having trouble getting my disks to reinstall. I originally bought a pair of drives to go in the DiskStation (these were separate and bought from WD). I installed the DiskStation, and it seemed fine until I tried to format the disks. I put the disks into the array, and attached them using the links. However, I cannot format any of the disks. I even went out to purchase a new pair, which was not cheap, and these are also not formatted. What is happening is that each time the DiskStation starts up, I can see in My Computer that the disks need to be formatted. I start the formatting process, but it stops before the end, and says “Disk failed to format correctly”. There is a website link which tells me to ensure that my drives are fully tested. This tests the drives, announces that they need to be formatted, and starts the process again. I could be there for hours, just trying to get the disks to format, but each time I reboot the DiskStation, it tells me that the disks need to be formatted. I am hoping once I format the disk that I can run a data recovery software program against the disks to recover the data but I am not getting that far hence contacting yourselves.