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Netgear Data Recovery


I have been running a READYNAS box for a few years, but I have now lost some data from it. It was not a complicated storage set up, and I did not create or implement any RAID processes. I assume this means that I am protected from problems with split-disk recovery, and so on. However, I have lost the data. I was mooching around on the computer, and accidentally set off a program which started to make changes to the disk. I tried to stop it, and thought I was successful, but it seems as though I have damaged the drive in some ways. For example, I had not partitioned the drive, but now I can see three partitions, which are described as XFS or Linux Ext 2. I cannot recover the actual Readynas boot sector, so rather than have something described as ‘bad’ or ‘corrupt’, mine is just MIA. I thought that if I didn’t configure the RAID process, my disk drive would be safer, and it would be easier to recover the files if anything went wrong.


I have been struggling with a Netgear system which is using an SC101 as an external hard drive. While files were saved on this drive while I was working on the computer, there did not seem to be any problem. However, now I have gone to look at these files again, I am unable to read the drive at all. I have tried everything, including removing the disk from the enclosure, and putting it into a completely new unit. This did not seem to make any difference, as the new SC101 would not recognise the disk, and won’t spin it around or try and read it. However, when I put the disk through a HEX editor, it can see that there is data on it. I tried to recover it already using recovery software programs which I downloaded from good sites. I even paid for some of them, but it seems as though no program can read the disk, and therefore I cannot get my data back from the hard drive. As I cannot get the program recognised by any recovery programs, is there a way to get back the files and folders saved on the hard drive?