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LaCie Data Recovery


I am using a Seagate hard drive inside a Lacie enclosure with USB connections. The hard drive used to be in a laptop, but was removed due to very slow access, taking nearly half an hour to access each time. I decided, once it was in the Lacie, to update the firmware on it. However, as soon as I updated, I found that it was clicking to itself, and now it is not recognised on Windows or BIOS. I fear that the firmware I uploaded must have been flawed. I can see from internet research that the firmware used on most Lacie enclosures have a series of letters and numbers ending BSM1, and that I have updated firmware to a LVM1. I don’t know if this is the cause of the Windows no longer recognising the disk.


I am looking for help with a Lacie Quadra with 2 disks. I have been able to use this for a while, but suddenly when I try to use the drive, it mounts as usual onto my iMac, but then it appears in my desktop as only having around 140gb left on the drive. This seems a lot and I know that I haven’t used that much data to take up all this memory. When I try to see what is using up all these GB with the ‘Info’ function from Finder, I find that I cannot see any data at all. I try to use Disk Utilities, and then when I try to repair the disk, in desperation, I am told that it can’t unmount the disk to repair it. I have tried using various repair functions, including Disk Warrior, but get error messages such as: “The disk is being used. Quit all applications or restart the Disk Warrior.” It then offers to report the error. It seems like I just can’t rebuild the drive at all. After this repair attempt, I tried to remove the drive using ‘eject’. I also tried to force the eject. There is now a message saying that the computer cannot read the disk. Can you help?