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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I am used to external hard drives, using a number of them to hold High Definition video recordings. Most of the time, these work fine, but I have been having problems with one of my purchases, an Iomega Prestige Superspeed external hard drive which was for a single folder of videos. The product has never really worked well, being very slow to back up or make copies of something, often causing me to cancel the process. However, it was not only slow, it would also fail during the copying or transferring of files, turning itself off in the process. In general, the drive has never worked properly, and I can find no good reason why it should keep shutting down. I have lost data due to this problem, and would love a Data Recovery Company to recover all data for me ASAP.


I recently purchased an Iomega external hard drive in the Companion range, with 3tb of memory. However, from the very start, I have been having problems with the device, and have even called Iomega tech support in order to get help with it. The first time I installed the driver onto my Mac, the computer told me that I only had 2tb of memory. The drive clicks around, but the computer struggles to find it. I have gone as far as to rename and then assign a new letter for the device, but this has only had marginal success. In addition, when I was trying to copy files from the drive (having got it working), the images were disappearing right in front of me, as soon as they moved from my external hard drive to my iMac. I could not see any files in Finder, and so restarted the program. Then, the files were suddenly there. Next, the files disappeared again.