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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


I purchased a D-Link DNS 343 as a NAS and external hard drive for my network. I set it up and it seemed very straightforward, but after only a few weeks, I have started to have problems with it. Nothing was wrong until I tried to copy some data to the drive. Firstly, the files took a very long time to upload, so long that I went to bed and left the files to install. In the morning, everything seemed fine, the files had finally gone onto the drive, I thought that was the end of it. Then, within about an hour of starting work at the computer, the D-Link started beeping, and then sent out an error message saying that the drive was failing or degrading, and it would need to reboot. I had to turn it off, and when I put it back on, it started ‘rebuilding’ the drives. There were several failures where it stopped the build and shut down, and after a few attempts, I checked the drive. I can’t stop the D-Link from repeating the rebuild process.


I have a problem with a D-Link 343. This device was bought to use with a laptop and desktop in different rooms. I have had problems with it ever since a fail occurred while the device was copying some data. I knew that something was wrong when it stalled and then rebooted without finishing the copy. Fortunately, everything was backed up to that point, so nothing was lost. What seems to have happened is that the network router decided to do something in the middle of the copy, throwing the device of key, that is the only thing which occurred on the system during this time. The D-Link stopped working immediately, and now will not respond to my DMU. It also will not respond to any kind of cancel button. I want to cancel because it keeps wanting to resync the drives, although I disabled resync without my permission.