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Buffalo Data Recovery


I am using a Buffalo Drivestation external hard drive, with 4TB of disk space on a Seagate drive. I recently discovered that something is going wrong with it, and during a scan saw a strange partition sequence which doesn’t make any sense to me. There are three partitions, with one being the ‘Main’, and containing around 350GB. However, the second partition has a lot more space available, with nearly 1700GB of unallocated storage space. The third partition also has more than 700gb unallocated. However, when I put the drive into a USB port, it tells me that I have more than 2.5TB of data available, and there is only one partition. The drive partition also means that I am having trouble storing and finding data, since there is now a limit, it seems of only 350gb. This would correspond to the first partition. Surely, there must be a reason why this partition has separated off into three sections (I did not do this), and why it has allocated so much space to a partition which I cannot even use.


It appears that my Buffalo Ministation external hard drive has broken down. It seems to be having trouble reading disks. When I plug it into the computer using a USB port, it starts spinning, makes a buzzing or clicking noise, and then stops working. It also beeps several times before it shuts down. When it is running, the computer is searching for it, but as soon as the beeps start, the PC loses it, and I cannot find it in any location. I put it onto another PC, a Windows XP, to see if there was any problem with my newer computer, but the same thing happens. I don’t think it has been dropped, or that anything physical has happened to it, but it does seem to have problems which resemble a Ministation that was dropped, and stopped working completely.