Case Study 3: Dell Server – Two Failed Hard Drives in Raid 5 Array

A graphic design company had a problem with a Dell server. Their server stores all their old and current designs for their 18 staff. One day the server went down without warning and now the server will not boot up. The server is reporting that two of the hard drives have degraded and due to this the system will not boot. As there is business critical data on the server the IT Administrator did not want to take a risk and perform a rebuild.

We received in the hard drives form the server and diagnosed smart firmware failures on two drives. We upgraded firmware on these drives and imaged all disks in the raid array. We then extracted data from the server and backed up the 7tb of data to 2 x 4tb external hard drives. Client got a full recovery and job was completed with 48 hours.

* We are the UK’s No1 Raid Data Recovery Company. We recover data other data recovery company’s have said is unrecoverable.