Case Study 1: Apple iMac 22″ Flashing Question Mark

Client purchased the imac back in 2011, it had been in a solicitors reception for the last 2 years and then one day crashed without notice. Now when iMac starts up the secretary gets a flashing question mark. Client took iMac to Apple store to get it repaired but they said that there was a physical fault with hard drive and recommended yourselves to complete the data recovery. The hard drive contains legal documents and client files that need to be recovered. The client especially needs one case file from the system for an ongoing court case.

We received in the iMac system and diagnosed that the hard drive had received a power surge as the electronics had blown on it. The solicitors office had no power surge connection going to computer. We upgraded the electronics on the hard drive and imaged the disk. We zipped up the critical data and allowed the client to download their critical data as soon as we recovered it. The job was run over the weekend due to the nature of the data.

* We offer the quickest data recovery turnaround times within the UK.