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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I have a Windows 7 system, in 64 bit, which is being run on an Asus N53SM laptop computer. The problem is that I can no longer get past a frozen start up screen. I can log in fine, and I can go into BIOS with no problems, but as soon as the Windows Start up screen appears, with the waving Microsoft flag, the system seems to freeze. The hard drive light, which usually blinks while the Windows OS is firing up, remains permanently blue, and nothing I can do has any effect. The keyboard is unresponsive, and the touchscreen mouse is, too. I have tried almost all the tricks in the book now, all those I can think of, anything I found online, and even advice from friends. I have tried minor system restore points to OS recovery and even the major hard reset, but the laptop won’t go into Windows. I can even see the hard drive and files on BIOS, but I can’t seem to access them.


I have been using an Asus laptop for about a year now, but after updating the Windows 7 operating system, and then restarting it, I have got the blue screen of death. I have tried a few restarts, and have always got the same message as soon as I tried to get into Windows. Eventually, I booted into safe mode, and then tried safe mode with networking, but I could not get any further than the Windows loading screen, and then BSOD. I have updated systems on Windows 7 before, and although I have heard stories about Win 7 updates shutting down systems, I didn’t think it would be this severe. Desperate to keep the data which I have stored on the hard drive before I do a reset, I took out the hard drive, and plugged it into the desktop. As soon as I did this, the desktop stopped loading Windows, and went into blue screen of death. I restarted, same issue. I tried it on a completely different laptop, a Dell, and again went into Loading Windows, and then blue screen of death.