Case Study 2: Mechanical Failuer on a Synology DiskStation

Client’s Synology DiskStation died without warning one afternoon. Client purchased an identical Synology DiskStation enclosure and inserted the 4 disks into it. When he turned on the Synology DiskStation it would not boot up. Client contacted Synology Tech Support and they diagnosed that the hard drives were not working correctly and that the client would need to go to a data recovery company to get the data recovered.

We received in hard drives and there was clicking noises coming from 2 hard disks. As this was a raid 5 system we only needed 3 disks to process the Synology DiskStation system so we selected the least damaged disk to complete a platter exchange procedure on. We completed the procedure and imaged 100% of the sectors on drive. We imaged the other 2 drives and processed the data for a full recovery. We backed up data to a 2TB external hard drive.

* We not only recover data for our clients but we also offer professional advice on backup solutions exclusive to our clients.