Sony Vaio Recovery


I have a Sony Vaio Fit SVF laptop which has suddenly crashed, and which cannot now be opened up. I was using the computer for work, and wanted to upload some pictures in order to create a slideshow for a presentation. This was actually a job given to me by my bosses, so it was very important. I loaded up a number of the pictures, and opened PowerPoint, and suddenly found that the computer had frozen. I powered the computer down, and then started it again. The computer froze again on PowerPoint, and when I restarted at that second point, there was a problem, including an error message saying that the hard drive needed to be recovered. I allowed it to do this, but when I came back, I found that it had completely lost the hard drive. There are lots of pictures and documents on the laptop which I desperately need for this conference, and I don’t know how to access the drive so that I can recover the data. I need some help from data recovery experts like yourselves who know exactly what they are doing to ensure that I get all of the files I need without any corruption or damage.


I am having a problem with a Sony Vaio Laptop which seems to be overheating whenever I try to copy anything from my hard drive to a USB flash drive. The computer will suddenly shut down without any warning, but it resembles the shut downs of previous laptops when they have overheated, although there is no warmth, and I can power up as soon as the shutdown finishes. I am not trying to download huge chunks of information at once, but I seem to be unable to copy any of the files from the laptop to an external hard drive. This is a problem, as I want to be able to reinstall Windows and see if that would stop the constant shutting down, but I also want to preserve the data which is currently on the laptop.