Iomega Linkstation Failure


I am using an Iomega NAS server which has a four disk array in a RAID 5 configuration. I have used this array to preserve data such as photographs and documents which I need for work, and which form a large part of my responsibilities for my job. This was working well until a power surge last week. I am now getting reports from the computer that all of the RAID 5 drives are corrupt, and I am not able to extract the data from the drives. I decided to take the hard drives out of the array they were in, and install them into a new array. I booted this up, and I can see the four drives in a RAID 5 configuration. However, when I try to open the data files, I find that the drives have not mounted properly in the array, and I get a message saying ‘Specify Filesystem Type’, and the computer won’t allow me to access the files. I can’t mount up the disks, despite repeated attempts.


I am using an array with 3 hot plug drives which are set into a RAID 5 configuration, with the fourth drive also being used as the hot spare. I use these drives to store information from my work computer, and the data contains essential company details which have to be retained, but have not yet been backed up. The problem is that when I turned on the computer this week, the third drive in the RAID 5 configuration wanted to do a complete rebuild. There was a list of various errors to do with the computer, and then the errors stopped. The next time I turned on the computer, another drive has started the rebuild. These are not the same drives, and so I went to check the data after this drive had finished rebuilding. All of the data is there, but when I try to open some of the files, I get a message saying that Word could not open the file because it is corrupt. It looks like the 2nd rebuild may have written corrupt contents over my important data.