Apple eMac Disk Recovery


I have an eMac G4 desktop which I use to keep a lot of data, and quite a lot of software, too, most of which has not been backed up. The problem is that the display has suddenly shrunk, to the point where I am not able to view any of the data on the files. Documents are infinitely tiny, and pictures and videos are not really visible, simply due to the size of the display currently on the monitor. I don’t have any other way to view this data, so I need to be able to recover the data so that I can use it with a new computer. I am hesitating about trying to put the data onto a USB drive, simply because I can’t see enough to do anything with the options. I would need a magnifying glass to see it at the moment; the display is just a tiny square in the centre of the monitor. In order to be able to solve the problem, I think I need some professional help in recovering the data, hence I am contacting your good selves.


I have been using an old eMac desktop, and want to move a graphic design file from the eMac to another computer which is operating Windows 7. I need to do this as for some reason the file will not open on the eMac and I want to see will it open on a Windows PC instead. I need to be able to do this in order to print out the design as it contains two months work. I have tried to move the file from the Mac to the PC, but when I do this, the PC is not able to read the design, and will not print out the image. When I take it to the PC at the sign printers, the computer says that the file is corrupt, and will not open it. It keeps trying to reformat the USB drive with the file still on it. I have even tried to send the design across to the print shop using email, but this has not been successful. I have a Graphic Design qualification assignment which this was intended to be part of, and I need to get the data extracted from the hard drive as quickly as possible.